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Protein Muffins, Brownies & Pudding


Let's bring back the muffin! Packing in 12g of protein each and half the calories they make a perfect on the go breakfast for your kiddos or yourself. Even better, they freeze well, so stock up and have a protein muffin ready in minutes and they are gluten-free!


We're making brownies good for more than the occasional indulgent treat! Our brownies have half the sugar and fat than the average but all of the taste you want. They're both fudgy and chewy, rich in chocolate but not too sweet. At 12g of protein they will keep you satisfied! These are sure to become a family favourite!


We're channeling our inner child with our newest additions, chocolate and vanilla protein pudding! Enjoy a delicious creamy bowl of creamy pudding completely guilt-free with 22g of protein! The perfect afternoon snack or evening treat! 

Vanilla Protein Pudding Mix
$1995 CAD
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