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Our Story

My passion for food started at a young age, baking snickerdoodles with my grandma and later on helping my mom with a variety of savory and sweet dishes during my childhood years. Fast forward to 2008 when, with my mother’s inspiration, I started my first business, a personal chef and catering company located in Calgary, AB, Canada. I never thought about sweets again until 2020 when after four years of my own health and fitness journey I started looking for a delicious way I could meet my new protein goals.

Once again, I found myself back in the kitchen rolling cookies into cinnamon sugar and thinking of my grandma. It took nearly 8 months to finally launch HelloAmino protein baking mixes and during this time my husband, Mclain, joined in for the fun. Mclain started out as my head taste tester (a job that received no complaints) but quickly took a vested interest in the production side of things once we had our recipes perfected and he's now the one behind the camera taking all of our product photos.

In 2022 we both have big dreams for HelloAmino and invite you along for the ride.

Our protein baking mixes are the perfect way to enjoy a guilt-free treat, get back to eating pancakes with your kiddos and still reach your health and fitness goals. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!