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Our Story

HelloAmino was born out of a passion for both food and fitness. With a combined 25+ years in the fitness industry and 15 years as a Chef, we know a thing or two about food and fitness.

After 5 years coaching women through their fitness journey, I discovered a problem; women struggle to eat enough protein and also tend to feel a lot of shame around food, so I set out to find a solution for both.

Being a sucker for a good cookie that's where I started. After nearly 8 months perfecting the recipes, I finally launched HelloAmino in October 2021. While I tend to wear the apron in the family it was Mclain's sweet tooth that led to the creation of one of our best sellers; HelloAmino protein brownie mix. At that point Mclain became co-founder, product photographer and head of production while I continued to focus on baking samples, social media, marketing and customer relations.

After our first year in business, we have big dreams that go well beyond protein baking mixes. With our wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge we're on a mission to help you ditch the diet mindset by enjoying the foods you love and getting the protein you need so that you can live a vibrant, active life.

Our protein baking mixes are the perfect way to enjoy a guilt-free treat and still reach your health and fitness goals. Be sure to check out our blog for more fitness and nutrition tips.

Aelie & Mclain

PS: Did you know that HelloAmino is one word? It took weeks and nearly 500 talented creatives online to come up with a business name I was happy with. HelloAmino instantly
brought a smile to my face which is what I hope our products do for you too.

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