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The protein you need. The indulgence you deserve.

Inspiring you to achieve balance within your wellness journey through our high protein baking mixes.

Enjoy the foods you love while getting the protein you need.

What makes HelloAmino different?

Protein Packed

We use a proprietary whey isolate which provides the highest quality protein per serving on the market - no wheat gluten, pea or other cheap protein fillers!

Chef Crafted

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your nutrition on track? Our recipes have been perfected to be delicious, nutritious and simple to make.

Superior Taste & Texture

We have worked hard to perfect our products, resulting in fluffy pancakes, moist brownies, chewy cookies & creamy puddings.

The Largest Selection

We offer the largest selection of high protein, gluten free baking mixes on the market. We have something for almost everyone! Pancakes, cookies, muffins, browines, puddings & more!

Based on 70 reviews
Protein Hot Cocoa - 2 Pack
Natalie (Canada)
The perfect Indulgence!

The Hot Cocoa mix is so delicious! The right balance of sweet and chocolate for any hot chocolate drinker. It's my evening treat when I'm watching movies with my family and it's good for me too! Definitely a staple in my mom treats!

Ohh I love this!! I just got all the warm feels reading it. We're so happy you're enjoying our seasonal hot cocoa! Be sure to stock up as it's only here until the end of March. :)

These waffles are the 💣💣💣

Amazing taste and texture! My teenagers devour them everytime!!
Delivery to your door is sooooo nice!

LOVE it!! Teens can be so hard to please so this makes us so happy!

Protein Hot Cocoa - 2 Pack
Susan J. (Canada)

This is a lovely, rich dark hot chocolate, and it mixes amazingly well with just a fork. Great product!

We love this feedback! So happy you're enjoying it!


I made the pumpkin chai muffin recipe from your website with the muffin mix, and they are delicious - they taste as good as any muffin made from scratch! There is no protein taste at all. I will be making these again!

Wonderful to hear this! We work hard on the no protein taste. Pumpkin chai is one of my fave flavours too!

Best protein Brownie mix ever!

It is delicious!

YAY! Thank you for amazing feedback!

Vanilla Protein Pudding Mix
Leanne F. (Canada)
The perfect pudding

Being a chocolate lover i didn’t expect to enjoy the vanilla pudding as much however it has turned into my absolute favourite. It’s a yummy vanilla with a little caramel taste and is wonderful warm and cold.

I love this feedback! So happy you're enjoying, the pudding has become my new fave too.

These Muffins are delicious

I baked these muffins to send with my daughter on a road trip. She is strictly gluten free for health reasons and is always so disappointed that she doesn’t get the fun foods her friends can eat. She was thrilled with how tasty these muffins were. My husband (not GF eater) tried one and was upset the next day when he realized she had taken all of them for her trip.

Will definitely be ordering these often!

YAY! What a treat for her and I'm so happy to hear the whole family enjoys as well. Thank you for sharing your experience :)


Sooo good and gooey and delicious! And so simple to make. Will 100% be buying again (in multiple bags)

We love this feedback! So happy you're enjoying our protein brownies!


I’ve tried a lot of protein pancake mixes and this is definitely a top pick! So flavorful and fluffy. 10/10 would reccommend!

Woohoo! Love hearing this, thank you for sharing Kirsten!

Vanilla Protein Pudding Mix
Charlotte M. (Canada)
New fav product!!!

I have tried numerous of the Hello Amino products and was eager to give this pudding a go!!! It did NOT disappoint.
It's classic flavourful allows you to top it off with any nuts or berries that you love and even on its own it is a wonderful treat. They have done it again at Hello Amino. 10/10 😋 low cal, high protein goodness 👌

We so thrilled you love our latest addition! Thank you so much for sharing this glowing review!

Hello newest delicious addiction, these are amazing!

Thank you for giving me the most indulgent way to hit my protein goals! I have such a sweet tooth, and this hot chocolate honestly NAILS IT!! Obsessed with every single product from you guys, and I don’t know what took me so long to try this!!

Best Gluten free Pancake blend ever!!!
Tried multiple blends before but this one is the best mix!! I love that I can have a good protein breakfast to start my day, it helps me reach my goal. Plus, it tastes amazing and is super easy to make.
Thank you Helloamino❤️

I don’t even know where to start! I thought I hit the jackpot with the muffins and the waffles and now I am completely OBSESSED with this protein hot chocolate! Every single product that I have tried so far has been a home run! I am so grateful to have found these amazing goodies as I find it hard to get all of my protein in each day. I am also a flight attendant so I am constantly looking for tasty treats and options to take with me on the road! Thank you so much HELLOAMINO! Your products are absolutely amazing!

Vanilla pudding is very creamy & makes a great protein snack, another excellent product addition for everyone to try & will be another favorite at our house

We love these pancakes and lemon poppyseed is our favorite!! These are great as waffles too. Sometimes we top them with blueberries and coconut whip. It is a family fave for any meal. Taste, texture and protein! 🍋💪🏻

Okay, I have had that mix in my pantry forever and I was so missing out!!! Holy $#&%! 🤩
This is the best tasting waffle I’ve ever made. And helps me hit my protein goals!!?! I am so impressed!
I made 1 but I should have made the whole batch!

This pudding mix is UNREAL!! I have a sweet tooth and finding something that both satisfies my love for chocolate and helps with my daily protein intake has been amazing. The pudding has the perfect texture and does not have that protein taste that can be very difficult to mask. It's also extremely easy to make which makes prep time a breeze!

Let me start by saying that I’m not a lemon poppyseed cake kinda girl, but thought I’d give these a try anyway!! I’m so glad I did, as I was seriously surprised at how much I LOVED them! They are a fresh change up to my normal Maple pancakes and will keep these on weekly rotation!!

Ordered the Cinnamon Pancake mix, just used it to make waffles and it was SO AMAZING. Tastes like I’m eating cake, I’m not sure how they do it!

So excited to try the pudding and it didn't disappoint...creamy and such great chocolate flavor. I used almond milk and it was plenty creamy.

The tastiest part of my diet!! I have no words of how easy it is to have something delicious for breakfast (and not just breakfast), and all the good changes I’ve noticed since I have been using this products. Having more protein was never easy for me ! I love the pancake mix, I usually have it with cottage cheese, bananas, frozen fruits . Feeling slow and tired it’s just a memory for me now ! Combined with a very busy schedule ( not ever having the time to proper meal plan) , working out 2-3 times a week I finally feel strong, more focused and fulfilled! And it’s just a pancake mix ! It leaves no aftertaste, and the helloamino team gives clear instructions on how to prepare it, but I also like to add my own twist to it!

This is the BEST protein hit chocolate I have ever had! I find I don’t even need the full serving for a rich cup, 2-3 tbsp. works so well with all kinds of milks. It blends so easily and there is no weird aftertaste. My 4 year old thinks it’s delicious too!

This pudding is 10/10! Easy to make! My fiancé and I love it! Texture is still great with almond milk

Your Dream Protein Muffin Mix
Delicious! Y.c.e.t.t.a.g.

I don't even want to know how much money and time I have spent looking for gluten-free, free options for my daughter. Until I came across this product (HelloAmino) in a local market. My daughter loves these muffins. They are now a staple in our home.

Air Fryer Lava Brownie

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#1 Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals (And How to Fix It).

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