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Imagine enjoying your favorite treats and feeling good about it.

Eating pancakes with your family, a brownie after dinner, baking cookies with your kiddos and doing it all guilt-free.

The protein you need. The indulgence you deserve.

That's why we do what we do.

Protein Packed, Gluten-free Baking Mixes

What makes us different?

Protein Packed

You and your family deserve quality protein and we deliver. We only use whey isolate which provides the highest quality protein per serving on the market - no wheat proteins!

Chef Crafted Recipes

Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth while keepng your nutrition on track? Our chef-crafted recipes have been perfected to be delicious, nutritious and simple to make.

Superior Texture

Tired of the dry and grainy texture of gluten-free baking? We have worked hard to perfect our products, resulting in fluffy pancakes, moist brownies and chewy cookies.

Don't take our word for it...

Listen to happy HelloAmino customers!

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How eating less and doing cardio doesn't work.

How eating less and doing cardio doesn't work.

I started working out in my late twenties which consisted of hitting the gym and jumping on the treadmill. The weight section totally intimidated me, all I knew how to do was run. 
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Why I had to stop eating chicken

Why I had to stop eating chicken

In April of 2021 I gave myself a new protein goal. At 145g for my 5 foot frame, it was the biggest protein goal I'd ever had.
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Why skipping breakfast could be a problem.

Why skipping breakfast could be a problem.

I've been skipping breakfast since I was old enough to make my own. It started out of laziness and then it became a weight loss strategy in my early thirties. 
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