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Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie Mix

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Who doesn't love a chocolate chip cookie? Enjoy these guilt-free with half the sugar of a traditional cookie. These sound classic but are anything but boring. We use a combination of dark and milk chocolate chips to give the perfect balance of sweetness. Soft with slightly crispy edges makes for the perfect cookie texture.

At 8 grams of protein per cookie, they make the perfect snack for adult or child alike. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Adonia F.

Hey!!! I made the chocolate chip cookies for my hubbie and he thought they were amazing especially when I told him they were gluten free and had protein in them !!! I don’t have a photo he ate them all 😂😂
I give them 10 stars especially since hubbie could not believe they were protein gluten free cookies 🥳


These cookies were amazing! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first because I honestly haven’t found many protien deserts that are good. These changed that for me they were absolutely amazing ! I will be stocking my cupboard with them. Can’t even tell they are protien cookies I would totally serve these at a potluck or after dinner as a desert. 10/10 must try 🥰


Run, do not walk, to buy these amazing cookies! I am sorry I don't have a photo because I am too busy enjoying them. I have been seeing them on their socials and decided I needed to see for myself what all the fuss is about. I make a lot of my own food but always keep some things on hand for when I want something fast and convenient and these were so easy to make. 15 mins later delicious cookies! The only thing I would suggest is to advertise that there are both milk and dark chocolate chips in these bad boy, that made them extra decadent for me!

Jessica P.

I bought this mix for Easter with the Mini eggs and OMG were they delicious! I love that there’s protein in the mixes so it’s perfect for a snack after a workout to keep me full until dinner! I highly recommend this mix and I will be buying it with the chocolate cups next time!

And yes I taste tested one before taking the photo. 😂

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