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Vanilla Protein Pudding Mix

$1995 CAD
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Our newest product takes you right back to being a kid again, enjoying a delicious creamy bowl of vanilla pudding completely guilt-free. This is an old fashioned cooked pudding and not an instant type.

We’ve created a more macro friendly pudding with 21g of protein*. The perfect afternoon snack or evening treat! Like all of our products there’s no chalky protein texture or taste with the perfect amount of sweetness and rich creamy texture. 
For a low lactose version and lighter in calories use dairy free milk, lowering the protein to approximately 18g.

*when prepared with 2% milk

Contains: Milk

May contain: Traces of almonds

Ingredients: Whey protein isolate (natural and artificial vanilla flavour, sucralose), Cornstarch, Brown Sugar, Salt

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leanne F. (Canada)
The perfect pudding

Being a chocolate lover i didn’t expect to enjoy the vanilla pudding as much however it has turned into my absolute favourite. It’s a yummy vanilla with a little caramel taste and is wonderful warm and cold.

I love this feedback! So happy you're enjoying, the pudding has become my new fave too.

Charlotte M. (Canada)
New fav product!!!

I have tried numerous of the Hello Amino products and was eager to give this pudding a go!!! It did NOT disappoint.
It's classic flavourful allows you to top it off with any nuts or berries that you love and even on its own it is a wonderful treat. They have done it again at Hello Amino. 10/10 😋 low cal, high protein goodness 👌

We so thrilled you love our latest addition! Thank you so much for sharing this glowing review!


Vanilla pudding is very creamy & makes a great protein snack, another excellent product addition for everyone to try & will be another favorite at our house

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