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Why skipping breakfast could be a problem.

I've been skipping breakfast since I was old enough to make my own. It started out of laziness and then it became a weight loss strategy in my early thirties. 

Intermittent fasting has become a huge buzz word in the fitness industry. I spent 4 years coaching my online fitness clients the 16/8 fasting protocol. What I started to see however was that women were using this as a strategy to eat less to lose weight. While that can work, here’s the problem. Women are notorious for not eating enough protein. So, when you limit the number of hours you eat, you make it even harder to reach your protein goal. Many of my clients just couldn’t reach their macro goals and therefore were eating too little because of the limited time frame they had. I started coaching my clients to extend their eating window and saw great success, both in their level of satisfaction and in their results. Here’s the deal, if you continue to under eat as a way to lose weight it will only take you so far. If you continue to under consume protein on top of it, you will find yourself head deep in a tub ice cream with no way out.

Fasting isn’t the magic weight loss pill. Eating the right amount of food and balancing your fats, carbs and protein is the key. If skipping breakfast makes it hard for you to eat at least 100g of protein, then that’s not the answer. If skipping breakfast makes it easier for you to stay in line with your food, then perhaps it’s for you.

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