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How much protein should you be eating?

Most women are unsure of how much protein they should be eating and even more unfortunate, have no idea how much they're currently eating.

I could give you the standard number of 0.5-1g per lb of body weight but that isn't always the answer. Instead, if you've never tracked your protein and don't know how much you're currently eating, start with aiming for 100 grams a day. This is more than the average woman consumes but is really the bare minimum. Most importantly it's achievable. Setting a goal that's too high might feel unattainable and cause you to give up before you even get started.

If you're striving for 100g that breaks down to roughly 30-35 grams per meal. If you consider a 4 oz cooked chicken breast has roughly 30g of protein then you can base each meal off that example. This is why it was important to us that our pancakes had at least 30g of protein per serving. A stack of 3 pancakes is a reasonable serving size and now you're getting in 33g to start your day. Round that out with chicken for lunch and steak for dinner and you'll be sure to hit your 100+ grams! Stay tuned for another blog about WHY we needing to be eating more protein.

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