Is being "busy" holding you back from feeling your best?

Is being "busy" holding you back from feeling your best?

Today I want to chat about something that has nothing to do with protein but is equally important in how we take care of ourselves. ⬇️

Let’s dive into the busy mindset.

You know the friend that when asked “how are you?” They respond with, “busy!” 

That’s me. I used to think being busy was just life as an entrepreneur. Especially as a woman. We’re doing more now than we ever have, raising a family AND starting more businesses than men.

I think that many of us almost brag about the hustle mindset, I know I used to. Like some sort of badge to wear, that being busy meant I was successful. If I wasn’t busy then I was lazy or would never be successful.

Any of this sounding familiar?

Here’s what I’ve recently discovered. Hustle isn’t a practice I want to invite into my life or into my business. If we look up the word hustle this is what it means;
To forcefully encourage someone to buy something, or to cheat someone, obtain by forceful action or persuasion.😬


I definitely don't want to live my life this way or run my business with this mindset

The problem is how do I work hard without the hustle mindset? And what’s the difference?

Hard work is more intentional and focused. It has a purpose about it, a clear direction and goal in sight. Hustle is frantic and comes more from a space of lack. Being in a rush to achieve and/or do something. It’s more scattered. 

Hard work allows for more balance where hustle allows for nothing but go go go.

So what have I done about it? Two simple things ⬇️⬇️

I've strategically allowed for time AWAY from my business.

Every Monday I take 1 hour in the afternoon and sit down and watch TV. Something that offers zero progress forward in my business and is total ME time.

Every Sunday I stay off social media. Not a single story share to be had.

Both things I used to label as being lazy or would feel guilty for. I worried if I didn’t show up on Instagram every day my followers would forget about me. And if I wasn’t working during every hour available then I would be holding back my business from growing.

The truth is, by giving myself breathing time I'm more productive when I need to be and more importantly, I’m less resentful about the time I’m working.

So, why am I talking about something that has nothing to do with protein or our baking mixes??

Because I started HelloAmino with the passion to help women feel their best. I know that when I lack eating enough protein I struggle to focus, I’m more impatient and I have less energy.

When I’m overworked, I feel the same way.

So, here’s your permission to go grab a cup of HelloAmino protein cocoa and watch your fave Netflix binge. I’m currently obsessed with The Royals.

Until next time,


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