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$2695 CAD

Introducing HelloAmino Protein Hot Chocolate - 2 PACK! 

Available seasonally from Nov-Feb so be sure to stock up for the winter months, but we're considering offering it to our subscribers as an add-on year round!

Our protein hot chocolate has 21 grams of protein, there's no added sugar and it's high in fiber making this treat keto friendly. Each pouch contains 6 servings and it's sold as a set of two packages. (One pouch will be sold at local markets only for $13.95)

Just add hot water or milk of choice and blend. Great for winter nights by the fire, a wonderful afternoon treat that both adults and kids will love and makes for the perfect stocking stuffer!

Add marshmallows, a candy cane or enjoy as is. This will be your new favourite way to increase your protein this winter! 

Contains: Milk

May Contain: Traces of almonds

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