Craving Sugar? My top 4 tips to deal with sugar cravings.

Craving Sugar? My top 4 tips to deal with sugar cravings.

To avoid craving sugar, is to avoid living life. It's going to happen and the more we fight it the worse it gets.

Here's my top tips on how to reduce your sugar cravings and also what to do to satisfy them because they will come.

1. Eat more protein.

Let's get the most obvious one and the one I'm clearly passionate about, out of the way first. 

Protein shuts off our hunger cues which subsides sugar cravings. When you're full and full of protein specifically your sugar cravings will diminish.

Fill up on protein first and you'll have less cravings.

2. Avoid having off-limit foods.

This one is my personal fave. 

As soon as we tell ourselves "don't", we immediately want. Rather than giving yourself off-limit foods, give yourself permission to have treats occasionally that you really love. If cookies are your favorite (like me) then trying to avoid them is only going to make you want them more.

I was tired of avoiding foods I loved because they served no purpose other than to give me a sugar fix.

I wanted to still hit my protein goal AND eat that damn brownie, am I right?!💯

3. Eat more fat.

Fat is an important part of our diet and another macronutrient that shuts off hunger cues and keeps us satiated which as I mentioned with protein can prevent cravings.

4. Stop using food to buffer.

This could perhaps be the biggest reason we eat sugar. When we use food to avoid or deal with our emotions we perpetuate the reward release. 😳

It confirms to our brain that when we feel pain, sadness, stress etc we get a hormone release each time we give ourselves sugar and the cycle continues.

Instead go for a walk, meditate or turn on some music to release those same feel good hormones with a reward system that is more beneficial.🥰

When you do crave a sweet treat (because you will), acknowledge it, be present with the craving and then make a choice that also contains protein and fat (aka HelloAmino!). This will leave you truly satisfied and satiated so that you don't feel the need to have more than one.

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xo Aelie (founder and fellow cookie lover)

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