How to make the BEST Muffin - My top tips!

How to make the BEST Muffin - My top tips!

Muffins are fussy. They require precision, correct temperature and timing. If you've ever had a muffin sink in the middle after coming out of the oven this post is for you!

Here are my top tips to ensuring the best muffin.

✔️Measure all ingredients. Now is NOT the time to guess. Take out the measuring spoons/cups/kitchen scale and be accurate. I can't stress this enough.

✔️Follow the directions. Unless you're a skilled baker I don't suggest making substitutions. Oil and butter aren't the same, eggs and flax eggs aren't either. Yogurt and sour cream don't replace a mashed banana. 

✔️Preheat your oven and use a thermometer. Most household ovens run cool by up to 10 degrees. If in doubt, preheat 25 degrees higher and then drop to the desired temperature once it's preheated. I tend to wait a further 10 minutes after my oven has chimed it's ready.

✔️Don't overfill your liners. This is a sure fire way to end up with an undercooked or overflowed muffin. 3/4 full is not a suggestion. Use a cookie scoop to ensure each muffin is filled the same amount. If you have a little leftover don't be tempted to just top up the rest. Save it and bake individually in your air fryer later.

✔️If using fruit/veggies (grated carrots, zucchini, berries etc) add in them right before baking. The moisture will seep into your batter otherwise and will impact the bake.

✔️If using frozen fruit add 1-2 minutes to your baking time to allow the frozen berries to come to temp.

✔️Don't peak! The more you open your oven the greater chance you have of under baking or having your muffin collapse. Wait for the minimum baking time to elapse and then briefly and only slightly open the door to peak in. Look for set and golden EDGES, not just the top. If the edges are golden the muffin is ready. If they aren't but the top is, give it another minute.

If you haven't made our protein Your Dream Muffins yet now is the time to put these tips to use! With 12g of protein per muffin they are one of our top sellers and loved by both adults and kiddos alike. As they're completely customizable the recipes are endless, check them out here.

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