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Imagine never skipping breakfast again because you don't have time or anything quick to eat in the house. Our subscription plan ensures you never run out of your favourite high protein solutions with HelloAmino! There's absolutely NO RISK and all the benefits:

  • FREE shipping. You never pay for shipping/delivery!
  • More savings. Buy 4 or more items and save 10%.
  • Set and forget. We'll remind you to make changes if needed.
  • No commitment. Change, pause or cancel any time you like.
  • Convenience. No online ordering or driving to one of our local retail partners.
  • Protein Hot Cocoa (Available year round for subscribers!)

Based on the delivery frequency you've chosen, your favourite protein baking mixes will arrive with no work on your end! You don't have to stress about remembering to make changes because we remind you 5 days prior to your upcoming order via email. We guide you through how to change what mixes you get, pause your delivery or even cancel.

    Simply CLICK HERE and start customizing your first order! 

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