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How eating less and doing cardio doesn't work.

I started working out in my late twenties which consisted of hitting the gym and jumping on the treadmill. The weight section totally intimidated me, all I knew how to do was run. 

I would finally pick up weights when I met my hubby (co-founder) Mclain in 2012. He taught me how to lift and I slowly started to pull back on the cardio in my mid 30's. However I was still getting nowhere in terms of body composition.

Welcome to my 40's when everything seemed to change. The quick 3 day juice fast no longer worked and although I'd been lifting weights for 5 years you would never know. (see photo above) This is when I learned how to track my macros and realized I was barely consuming 70g of protein (super common for women.) I was also only eating maybe 800-1000 calories in food but adding on my nightly two glasses of wine. Once I started tracking my macros I increased my calories to 1200 and finally hit 70g of protein, which frankly now I know is starvation. Over the last 5 years I've steadily increased my calories to nearly 1800 (I'm only 5 feet tall) and at one point 150g of protein. I continued to prioritize lifting weights and pulled back on cardio even more, completely eliminating it in 2021 when stress was at an all-time high and my hormones were taking a hit. (we all know what was happening in 2021)

Today I sit around 1700 calories, 125g of protein, walk daily, lift 3 days a week and do one 20 minute HIIT workout only if it fits in my schedule. I'm finally prioritizing strength vs skinny and shape vs clothing size. Without a sufficient amount of protein you'll never see the muscle you're working so hard to create in the gym. Mclain and I have over 30 combined years experienced in the fitness industry and have coached hundreds of people. If you're unsure how much protein you should eat, email us and we're happy to have a mini consult.  

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