How to set goals and KEEP them

How to set goals and KEEP them

It's almost the end of January, can you believe it?!

If you set nutrition goals at the beginning of this month and are struggling to keep those promises to yourself, today's blog is for you.

My top 3 tips on how to set goals and KEEP them ⬇️

✔️Think small. We think big because we think big changes are going to get us big results. The problem with setting big goals is they're harder to keep and the more often you break a promise to yourself the harder it will be to set new goals. Start small. For instance, if you think, "I'm going to workout 6 days a week", start with 2. It doesn't mean you have to stay there, but start there and prove to yourself you can be trusted to keep that promise.

✔️Focus on CAN vs CAN'T. The minute we focus on NO, we immediately want it MORE. Reframe your goals with CAN vs CAN'T. I CAN eat more fruit vs I CAN'T have sugar. I CAN have one latte a week vs I CAN'T have any.

✔️Prioritize protein. Don't you love how I always include this? I promise it's not self serving. The fact is by eating enough protein your brain is more capable of making sound decisions, you'll have less sugar cravings and you'll feel more satisfied for longer. All of these things will help you set goals and keep them.

We created HelloAmino to give you food freedom so that you have a sustainable way of eating instead of the yo-yo diet mentality. A way to enjoy the foods you love while getting the protein you need. 


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