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I convinced myself I didn't like pancakes

It sounds silly, of course I love pancakes, but there was a time that I convinced myself I didn't.

A decade ago I decided to go low carb and in turn gave up a lot of foods. I got results, until I didn't. I was left getting nowhere, hormones a mess and looking for a new way to eat. I may have been a chef but I had no idea what macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) were or which ones my food was made up of. Like most women, I was way under consuming protein, overeating on fat and obviously undereating carbs.

That was when I got into the fitness industry and educated myself about my food. But even though I invited carbs back into my life, pancakes were still off-limits. Every time we went for brunch I would make the more sensible choice and order eggs (even though they aren't my fave) in order to reach my protein goal. Knowing that pancakes and waffles were empty carbs and wouldn't help me at all.

When Mclain and I created our protein pancakes it was only then that I reminded myself how much I love them! Finally I could "have my (pan)cake and eat it too!" I no longer felt guilty.

My passion is to help others realize the same. To help Mama's enjoy breakfast with their kiddos, to bake the cookies and eat one too! To let go of the off-limit foods mindset and to better educate women on what macronutrients are, why they are important and how to set their own macro goals and reach them. All of this so we can live an active and vibrant life! 

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