Making the perfect cookie - Don't make these mistakes

Making the perfect cookie - Don't make these mistakes

Baking is a science, so unlike savory cooking there's more room for error. With 15 years experience as a savory Chef even I was intimidated at first when I started down the sweet street.

I'm sharing my top tips I've acquired over the last few years baking our high protein cookies to help you get the best result.

Here's a few common baking mistakes⬇️

➡️ Your butter is either too soft, too cold or not fully incorporated. This is the biggest mistake when it comes to cookies and can result in a flat and greasy cookie.

✔️Your butter should be room temperature vs softened. What's the difference?

Soften butter when pressed with your finger will go straight through, where room temp butter will indent but still offer some resistance. As long as your butter isn't left out somewhere hot it shouldn't soften too far on its own.

✔️Fully incorporate your butter into the dough by using a sturdy wooden spoon or electric mixer. If clumps of butter remain you'll get a greasy cookie. Don't worry about overmixing that doesn't apply to gluten free.

➡️ Your oven temperature is inaccurate.

Baking temp makes a big difference in the end result. Too hot and the edges or top will burn before the middle is cooked or the butter will melt too fast and result in a flat cookie. Too cool and it will take longer to bake and impact the overall texture.

✔️The best way to ensure an accurate temp is to get an oven thermometer. All our oven temperatures suggested are for the bake option NOT convect. If you're using convection you likely will need to lower by 25 degrees.

➡️ Your cookie sheet.

If you use a hot cookie sheet or a dark cookie sheet this will impact your baking.

✔️A lighter coloured sheet with parchment paper to avoid sticking is best vs a dark nonstick brand. Be sure your sheet is fully cooled and buy a heavier vs cheaper brand to avoid warping and uneven cooking.

➡️ Inaccurate measuring.

This goes without saying in ALL recipes but with baking this is NOT the time to wing it. Ideally you should invest in kitchen scale. It's the most accurate way of measuring.

➡️ Let your cookies cool.

✔️Don't rush removing the cookies from the sheet. Your cookie should be slightly undercooked when removed from the oven and then the residual heat will finish the cooking process. Let the coolies cool for 10 minutes.

⭐Bonus tip: although the idea of a warm straight from the oven cookie sounds yummy, cookies get better as they cool and all of the flavors come together, so enjoying one the next day is even better!

Check out our high protein cookie mixes and start giving these tips a go!

Happy Baking!


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