My top 3 ways to enjoy HelloAmino in the Summer

My top 3 ways to enjoy HelloAmino in the Summer

With one more month left of Summer and perhaps our hottest month of the season, the less I want to turn on my oven. But that doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite high protein treats.

Here's my 3 favorite ways to enjoy HelloAmino when it's hot out!

Pudding - Our protein pudding takes 3 minutes to cook and is stovetop only, meaning you won't run any risk heating up the house! Better yet, it's best enjoyed cold. Literally the perfect high protein summer dessert.

Air Fryer - This is about the closest thing to an oven I use which is why I've created several recipes (most single serve) that are made using one. Including recipes using our cookies, muffin and even brownie. Check them out HERE.

Waffles - Instead of standing over the stove flipping pancakes, make waffles instead. If you're making more than one the good news is ours taste delicious room temperature. Check out the perfect way make waffles for a crowd HERE. 

Last but not least our NEWEST addition; Protein Tea Latte Mixes

These were released in July and have taken over as our BEST sellers. Our Chai and Golden Milk are especially popular iced, perfect for Summer!

Enjoy those final Summer days and stay tuned for an entire blog about my new air fryer purchase!

- Aelie

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