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What do we know about protein?

You might ask, what do Aelie & Mclain know about protein anyways? 🤔 

To start, we have a combined 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Mclain started lifting weights in his early 20’s, became a personal trainer, owned a gym and later became a manual therapist specializing in helping people move well.

I jumped into weightlifting when I met Mclain over a decade ago and then entered the fitness coaching industry in 2017. I’ve coached hundreds of women through their fitness and nutrition journey’s and still have a group of women I continue to coach online in a private VIP group.

So, fitness is in our blood. Mclain has been passionate about protein ever since his body building days in his early 30’s and I became passionate about protein a short 3 years ago when I ditched the drink and started focusing on building muscle over getting skinny. 💪 

I continually heard from my clients, “How do I reach my protein goal?” and after dozens of online trainings and one on one calls about eating more chicken, I knew something was missing.

Between my 14 years as a Chef and Mclain’s self-professed sweet tooth we decided to create a protein cookie. 🍪  We’ve now created 8 protein baking mixes from pancakes and brownies to muffins, along with 3 flagship cookies. We're passionate about giving you back the freedom to enjoy the treats you love while getting the protein you need. It's time to have your (pan)cake and eat it too!

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