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Why I had to stop eating chicken

In April of 2021 I gave myself a new protein goal. At 145g for my 5 foot frame, it was the biggest protein goal I'd ever had. Up until then I was sitting around 125g but I wanted to up my game and see what eating more protein would do for my body.

As one might expect this led me to eating a LOT of chicken. So much chicken that I couldn't stomach it anymore and had to stop eating it for awhile. By no surprise, this was during the same time that I was perfecting our protein cookies. I needed something else to reach my extra high protein goal that was tasty AND convenient. This led me to expand our protein baking to pancakes. I was now enjoying a protein mug cake with the same convenience and protein as a rotisserie chicken.

I'm not suggesting you get the majority of protein from pancakes and cookies. What I am suggesting is find something that works for you long-term. If you can't see yourself eating chicken twice a day then don't, because the results you obtain doing something short-term will never last.

Which is why after 3 months at 145g I dropped back down to 125-130g and that's where I've stayed, happily, ever since.

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