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Why I'm so passionate about protein.

In 2017 I entered into the fitness world and started tracking my macro nutrients (protein, carbs and fat). I had no idea at the time how much I was eating but I'd been eating "healthy" aka low carb for 5 years and lifting weights and was getting nowhere.

At only 5 feet tall I was stretching to hit a goal of just 70g and just over 1200 calories when I first started tracking. It took me 3 years before I realized I needed way more protein and so by 2020 I finally reached 135g which also gave me nearly 1800 calories.

My body finally started to respond. I saw muscle I'd never thought possible and felt a level of strength that I wanted to share with the world. I was eating more than I ever had and saw how protein was the key to changing how we saw our bodies.

At this point I was coaching hundreds of women online through their own fitness and nutrition journey and the biggest question I would get is; how do I eat this much protein? It was a problem for every single one of them.

This lined up nicely with my desire to create a product and that's how HelloAmino was born.

My desire goes beyond cookies and pancakes. I want woman to know the importance of eating more protein and how it can change their life when they do. I want to inspire women to let go of strictive diets, off limit foods and relying on the scale to dictate their worth.

As women enter their 40's it's more important than ever to eat more protein and lift weights to maintain muscle through menopause and increase bone density.

I can't wait for HelloAmino to evolve helping inspire you to eat more protein and feel your best.   

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