Why there's some bad high-protein products and where to try us!

Why there's some bad high-protein products and where to try us!

Have you ever bought a high-protein product and thought, "GROSS"?

We get it. We've tried our fair share of protein products, both ready-made versions and mixes and have to agree there's a lot of bad ones out there.

Here's generally how this happens. ⬇️

Someone has a great recipe and when they originally created their product in small scale it tasted AMAZING!! They thought, "we have a winner!". They then reached out to a co-packer to have it scaled up.

When another company takes over the production of a product, on a much larger scale, adjustments need to be made, ingredients changed and before you know it the product is no longer as it originally was.

This is why we've chosen to keep our production in house. No one cares more about our products than we do. We seek out the highest quality ingredients even if it costs us more.

We even spend the arduous time dehydrating our brown sugar in order to ensure there's no hard sugar lumps in our mixes. 

Whenever you have convenience, you end up sacrificing quality.

Which is why we created a HelloAmino mix vs a ready-made product. When you move into ready-made, preservatives and stabilizers need to be added which impacts the taste and texture.

When you bake at home you get back to enjoying the taste of a traditional baked good, just like Grandma's. Less convenient = higher quality. Much like buying a frozen dinner vs making your own.

If you want to try before you buy, find us at a variety of markets this season. We generally sample our brownies, muffins and occasionally our protein tea lattes.

Hope to see you at the next market!

- Aelie

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