Why your New Year's diet can fail

Why your New Year's diet can fail

Before you jump into a new years diet, read this.

I've coached hundreds of women over the last six years on their fitness and nutrition journey and I myself have also made these key mistakes when attempting to lose weight. Today, I'm here to save you the trouble and tell you what NOT to do and a few things you CAN do to set you up for success.

Stop fasting. I know you think this is the miracle weight loss strategy but it's not. It simply gives us permission to eat less and as we enter into our 40's and beyond this strategy could be doing more harm than good.

Stop eating 1200 calories. The immediate reaction to shifting some holiday bloat is to put ourselves on a super low caloric intake. 1200 calories is enough for a child, not a grown woman. This strategy will also likely cause you to binge on the weekend and undo any deficit you had in the first place.

Stop ditching carbs. They aren't the enemy and you can successfully lose weight and eat carbohydrates. The key is what type and how much. An overconsumption of donuts, pasta and bread is the problem, not the carb itself.

Stop thinking the answer is in the gym. You can't unrun your fork. The solution isn't in adding on more cardio. Start by focusing on what you're eating and increasing your daily steps. Then add in weight lifting. Cardio should be your last priority.

Here's a few Do's

Do eat at least 100g of protein a day.

Do increase your steps, aiming for 7-10k steps a day.

Do start lifting weights.

Do find a sustainable way to eat by incorporating foods you love in moderation to avoid binging.

If you want more help, reach out to Mclain and I. We've trained/coached hundreds of men and women over the years and have a combined 25 years in the fitness industry. Contact us and we can book a 30 min consult to help you feel your best this year!

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