#1 Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals (And How to Fix It).

#1 Reason You’re Not Reaching Your Fitness Goals (And How to Fix It).

Stop me if this seems familiar. You've been consistently going to the gym and sticking to eating whole foods.

All your friends think that you’re so disciplined!

However, you still seem to be getting nowhere when it comes to a changing your body.

Do you feel frustrated? Or like something is wrong with you?

Read this guide to learn why you’re not seeing results from your workouts before you head down the path of just giving up!

Ready to learn all about the #1 reason your workouts are failing to get results?

Throughout the last 5 years working in the fitness industry, I've learned a thing or two about why people aren't getting the result they want from their workouts, especially for those of us over 40.

Often it comes down to 1 main reason. Knowing the what and why is the first step in getting the body you want.

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The #1 Reason You find yourself struggling to get results even though you're hitting the gym 5 days a week.

Are you going to the gym and hitting the treadmill or elliptical every single time?

Cardio should be last on your list of priorities when it comes to burning fat and changing the shape of your body and if this is all you’re doing in the gym then I’m glad you’re reading this blog.

I know cardio FEELS like it’s what we should be doing. That rigorous run or intense HIIT workout feels exhausting and we think that will get us the results we’re after. But in truth muscle is what we are after, even if we don’t think we are. Muscle is what we need to get the “toned” look we all want.

Muscle - fat = toned. So, how do you build muscle and burn fat?

Strength train. 

Lifting weights should be your #1 priority when working out. If you love cardio, allow yourself one day a week to hit the elliptical or get in a HIIT workout but focus on at least 3 days lifting weights.

My friend Kylie Larson has a great podcast on How to train your body to get the results you want. Check it out and give her a follow.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention nutrition. You can't simply work your way to a toned physique in the gym. It starts in the kitchen and nutrition should actually be your #1 priority. If you're feeding your body garbage or worse, starving yourself, all the weight lifting in the world isn't going to help.

Eating enough protein AND strength training is how you truly change your body. For more tips on how to eat enough protein be sure you're subscribed to our newsletter, head to our website and scroll to the bottom to join.

Key Takeaways

You may have noticed the reason for not achieving success with your workouts is a self-created problem that simply comes from what we've been taught. Women weren't raised seeing other women lift weights (not until somewhat recently).

At first, it might feel daunting entering the weight section of the gym.

I used to feel exactly the same way when I first started lifting weights 12 years ago. When I finally let my husband (boyfriend at the time) convince me to walk away from the treadmill and start hitting the weights, I fell in love with it and decided I wanted to help other women see that it’s not so daunting and ultimately is the answer to not only change our body but feel our best, especially as we age.

You can also find me on social media at instagram.com/helloamino.

Happy lifting!

xo Aelie

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