3 reasons to STOP skipping breakfast

3 reasons to STOP skipping breakfast

Do you skip breakfast?

I started skipping breakfast when I was a teenager. Eating breakfast was no longer cool for some reason, right?

Then in my 20's I started eating again in the mornings which looked like a muffin, banana bread or a bagel. As I approached my 30's however and starting gaining weight, I once again started skipping breakfast. 

That would go on until I was in my late 40's when I realized that fasting was no longer serving my perimenopausal body and I realized that skipping breakfast wasn't translating into my perfect body or feeling my best.

Here's my top 3 reasons to STOP skipping breakfast

1. It makes it harder to hit your protein.

If you eliminate an entire meal, you limit the opportunity to get a head start on your protein goal. I recommend at least 30-35g of protein for breakfast to get 100g for the day. If you don't yet  know why eating protein is so important head HERE to ready my five reasons to eat more protein.

2. Fasting = stress.

I don't know about you but I've got enough stress in my life. As we age and our progesterone declines our ability to handle stress worsens. By skipping breakfast we create more stress on our bodies and if your body is under stress it can make losing weight more difficult. 

3.  Increased sugar cravings.

The top reason for sugar cravings is undereating. Your body wants you to eat and it will give you intense sugar cravings to encourage you to do so. The best way to avoid diving into the sweet treats is to eat a breakfast high in protein and adequate fat.

And then when you do dig into sugar make it a HelloAmino treat packed with protein!

In short, skipping breakfast isn't doing you any favours, including losing weight, and could be causing problems. I've recently learned from my social media followers that the reason you skip breakfast is mostly due to not knowing what to make.

So, I'm on a mission to create as many tasty high protein recipes as I can to help you feel your best and start enjoying breakfast again! 

Check out my latest creation Mexican Hot Chocolate Overnight Oats

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