Conquer January Blues: Wellness Tips for a Vibrant You!

Conquer January Blues: Wellness Tips for a Vibrant You!

If you're reading this it's likely that you struggle with feeling down this time of year and you're not alone.

Blue Monday was coined a day for a reason because so many struggle this time of year, including myself. 

I'm sharing my top 5 tips on how I have dramatically improved my mental health over the last few years.

Some might be obvious and one might be a little controversial. So, grab a HelloAmino bevvy and enjoy!

1. Mindfulness. 

If you just rolled your eyes I get it but hear me out. The biggest thing that's helped me is to understand that my thoughts are what's creating my feelings. When you take a moment to become mindful with how you're thinking, you'll realize you are in control of your feelings not the other way around. If you're looking for help in this area Brooke Castillo's podcast was life changing for me. Check it out HERE.

2. It's temporary. 

Sometimes it can feel like nothing is going right and when I get in that head space I quickly remind myself it's temporary. It helps me feel like I can handle a down day knowing tomorrow could be entirely different. And in that same breath I allow myself to be down. It's OK to not be OK. Give yourself permission to be sad.

3. Movement

The best way to shift your mood and manage your cortisol (your fight or flight response) is to walk. Preferably outside but I know that's tough this time of year. Walking is literally the best way to improve your mood. Skip your high intensity workout and increase your steps if you want to feel happier.

4. Nutrition

I've seen a huge trend lately in the increase in women with anxiety or ADHD, it's staggering. I'm confident it has a lot to do with nutrition more than anything. Prioritize eating good quality protein and pulling back on sugar. This is why we created HelloAmino because I understand you're not going to give up sugar but by reducing it in half you can enjoy the foods you love AND feel good.

5. Microdosing

This one might be controversial but it's becoming a lot more mainstream especially in women over 40. I first started microdosing in 2023 after looking for a solution to my perimenopause symptoms and it's literally been a game changer for my mental health. I feel more focused, productive and better able to handle stress. You can find more info HERE.

Finally I also wanted to share another blog by a friend of mine Kylie Larsen. When this dropped into my inbox last week I felt seen and heard. She talks about how the last 4 years have been a marathon that we tried to sprint through. Take a read HERE and give her a follow on social. 

I hope this helped give you a few tools to navigate your January blues and if you're feeling amazing right now share this with someone else that might not be. Mental health needs to be openly discussed more without shame. And remember it's OK to not be OK all of the time. But if you find you are and need more help reach out to those who love you.

Until next time...

xo Aelie 

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