4 tips when buying an Air Fryer and my top choice.

4 tips when buying an Air Fryer and my top choice.

I recently wrote a blog about my favourite ways to enjoy HelloAmino in the Summer and briefly discussed using an air fryer. ICYMI you can check it out here.

The sad day finally arrived a couple of weeks ago when my air fryer broke, literally the handle melted right off, I used it that much.

And because my microwave is also broken I cannot be without my air fryer.

I quickly researched and polled my followers about the best air fryer out there and today I'm sharing which one I bought and why.

Since buying my last air fryer in 2019 a lot has changed including the addition of the dual baskets and the tray versions that look more similar to a toaster oven.

I was tempted to buy both at some point but I struggled to pull the trigger and I'm glad now that I waited.

Before I get into which one I bought here's what you need to look for when buying an air fryer.

4 important features you want in an air fryer.

Size matters. A large surface area is KEY so that the air can circulate around your food. This is precisely how you get crispy food. You don't want a basket too small that you have to stack your food on top of itself.

Preheat feature. I would never bake without preheating my oven so the same goes for my air fryer.

Ease of cleaning. Being able to easily clean the inside will make using it that much more enjoyable.

A basket. This is ideal for easily flipping your food to get a crispy result vs having to manual flip everything over on the tray versions.


A window. This is a game changing feature IMO. I love that I can turn on a light and see inside without opening it up. Once you have a window, you'll never go back.

The model I chose is the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart

Besides having the key features I listed above here's the other features I love about this model

The price. Well under $200 CAD making it more affordable without being cheap.

It's quiet. Both the fan and the sounds are quiet so you don't feel like you're running a lawn mower in your kitchen.

It's light. I like to put mine away every night vs keeping it on my counter so this one is easy to move around.

Size. It's big but not too big if you do want to keep it out and it's not too high that it won't fit under your cupboard. Plus it's got the largest basket I've seen giving plenty of room to work with.

For my latest creation using my new air fryer check out this recipe for our Protein Banana Bread for one.

Happy Shopping!

- Aelie

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