The week we blew up on social media. The good, the bad, the ugly.

The week we blew up on social media. The good, the bad, the ugly.

I'm getting into the nitty gritty of it today. Grab yourself a HelloAmino Tea Latte and dig into the truth about what happened last week. ☕

If you use social media to grow your business you might question if it actually works anymore. I know have.

But I continue to build my following because I genuinely love connecting with people on social. 🥰

It's allowed me to build an incredible community over the last year and by being authentic and consistent my little following has organically grown. I truly enjoy showing up on social, even though it still frustrates me every time I try and create a reel. 😜

But last week changed everything. 🤯

We got a totally unexpected video shoutout on both Instagram and Tiktok by Josie Balka, from Country 105. And moments later everything changed.

🚀 My followers jumped 200 in one hour and orders came pouring in.

🚀 Our website traffic soared more in one day than we normally get in one week.

🚀 We had record delivery days and two back to back record sales days.

It was the most exciting and incredible moment, until it wasn't.

We weren't prepared for this and it showed. 

Deliveries got screwed up, or missed, mistakes happened and our stress levels soared. 

Our inventory ran out and our suppliers told us our shipments were delayed.

We worked 24/7 to keep afloat. And a week later we're still recovering.

It made us wonder....can we really do this? After all, this is exactly what we want our future to be.

The number of orders coming in is exactly what we're working so hard for but if this is the future, do we want it? 🤔

I literally broke down in tears three times in one morning. This isn't what I signed up for. This wasn't supposed to be this hard. 

And, this is precisely why most businesses FAIL.

Growth and scaling is why people give up. It's too damn hard.

The cost to scale up and make the changes you need in order to grow is staggering. And most simply can't do it.

So, 30% of business fail in their first year, 45% in their first five years and almost 70% never it make it to ten years. 

But here's the deal. Nothing worth having is ever easy.

We've learned a lot of valuable lessons during this unexpected surge and we've had to make difficult decisions and business changes.

We removed local pick up, created a sliding scale shipping price and are working on a new delivery strategy. As we continue to grow we know more changes will come.

If you're new, welcome!! We've put everything into making HelloAmino the very best it can be. We look forward to growing together, helping solve your protein problems and enjoying the foods you love. 💛

If you're an OG HA fan, we would not be here without you and sit in gratitude every day for the beautiful DM's, emails and reviews you give us glowing about our products, how they've changed your lives and how much you believe in us.💛

If you don't follow Josie Balka be sure you do! She's built an incredible community for a reason, go check out her as well as the unprecedented reel HERE. 

Want to get your hands on our PSL? Ensure you're subscribed to our newsletter for its return end of Aug 2024. (scroll to the bottom of our homepage to join)

If you're waiting for our Chai and London Fog to come back in stock, it will be available mid to late next week (Oct 25-27). 

xo Aelie

PS: Our protein eggnog latte is releasing soon!

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