Protein Biscoff Donuts

Protein Biscoff Donuts

Biscoff and donuts? This is a match made in heaven! A delicious twist on those little donuts. Be sure to stock up on our Midway Donut mix while it's in stock!

Here's how

1 package HelloAmino Midway Donut mix

4 biscoff cookies
2 tsp sugar

1 tbsp Biscoff cookie butter
1 tbsp milk of choice

Prepare HelloAmino Midway Donuts according to package instructions. While the donuts are baking grind up the cookies into a fine consistency and mix with sugar.

In a small bowl mix the cookie butter with milk until a smooth consistency that drizzles well.

When the donuts are finished baking coat in melted butter or spray with coconut oil spray and then coat in the Biscoff sugar.

Drizzle Biscoff cookie butter over and dig in!

xo Aelie

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