Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter Pie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Peanut Butter Pie

Meeting your protein goal doesn't have to look like days of only chicken. 🤢
Our chocolate chip cookie peanut butter pie satisfies your sweet tooth and adds 18g of protein to your day! 💪

Here's how ⬇️

Prepare HelloAmino chocolate chip cookies (reserve one and freeze the rest for later)

Prepare HelloAmino chocolate pudding mix (I used fairlife milk)

Peanut butter filling
Mix together 1/4 cup of softened cream cheese (I used lactose free) with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter.

Crumble one cookie and mix with 1 tsp of melted butter. Divide between two LARGE ramekins and press down to form a crust.

Divide peanut butter filling and top on crust and do the same with the pudding.

Garnish with whipped cream (I used coconut) and crumble a little more cookie on top.

355 calories 18g protein 19g carbs 23g fat

Start 2024 right by enjoying the foods you love guilt-free!

- Aelie

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