Don't make Sugar Cookies without reading this first

Don't make Sugar Cookies without reading this first

Our Protein Sugar Cookies instantly become one of our top sellers this time of year and for good reason. 😋

🍪Soft, chewy and 8 grams of protein. 🍪

Here's four mistakes you want to avoid.

🧈Your butter is too cold.
If you struggle to fully incorporate your butter you'll end up with a flat greasy cookie. Ensure you take it out of the fridge the night before for plenty of time to soften.

🧊You skip the fridge.
Once your dough is full mixed it's important you refrigerate it for 30 minutes. This also prevents your butter from melting too fast as it bakes.

🔥You're using a dark baking tray.
Because sugar cookies are coated in sugar, they can burn easily. If you have a dark coloured baking tray it can create a hotter surface and you might find the bottom of your cookies burn before the center is done.

🍪You make them all different sizes.
I highly recommend weighing your cookie dough to ensure each one is the same size. This avoids some cookies from being done while another is not.


You're eating a traditional sugar cookie instead of HelloAmino's. 🙃

Our sugar cookies contain 50% less sugar and have up to 8 times the protein, PLUS they're gluten free (but you'd never know it). 😍

Check them out here and happy Holiday baking! 


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