Why you should ditch cardio for weightlifting

Why you should ditch cardio for weightlifting

If you're over 40 and hoping your cardio sessions are going to give you the body you want I encourage you to grab a cup of Protein Hot Cocoa and read my point of view.

We've all been there, thinking cardio is the answer. The entire weights section of the gym used to terrify me. Thankfully that has changed a lot in the last decade and we're seeing more and more women lifting weights. I personally started lifting over a decade ago thanks to my hubby and have never looked back.

But even though we know weightlifting is good for us, so many still think cardio is the golden ticket to the body we think we "want". 

Intense cardio sessions that we've labeled effective because we're dripping in sweat and out of breath, only feel like they're working. But what if I told you that ditching cardio could not only be better for your health but could get you more results?

Here's why you should prioritize weight lifting over cardio especially if you're over 40.

✔️Prevents muscle loss: As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass. The less muscle we have the less shape we have to our bodies, the less fat we burn, the less we can eat.

✔️Improves bone density: Strength training can help increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

✔️Boosts metabolism: Muscle mass burns more calories, so increasing muscle can help boost metabolism which allows us to eat more.

✔️Strength training can help improve cardiovascular health one of the biggest health risks for women.

✔️Boosts mood and mental health: Regular strength training has been shown to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. When our progesterone lowers this is more important than ever.

So now that you're ready to ditch some cardio for lifting weights where do you start right?
✔️ Start with 2-3 days a week.
✔️1-2 upper body workouts and 1 lower body workout.
✔️ Start small, bands or bodyweight is fine if you've never lifted.
✔️ Google online personal trainers if you want to workout virtually but need accountability.
✔️ Ask your girlfriends if they lift weights for referrals.

Send me an email or DM and I can recommend a few programs too!
The biggest key is choosing a workout schedule that you can stick to.
Start small and add on vs setting massive goals and not being able to keep your promise to yourself. For more about goal setting check out my blog "How to set goals and keep them"
Oh and don't forget that without enough protein all that weight lifting won't matter. Be sure you're eating enough! If you're not sure how much is enough, click here
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