Cadbury Cream Egg Protein Lava Cake

Cadbury Cream Egg Protein Lava Cake

It wouldn't be Easter without chocolate and this recipe is going to change the way you look at our brownie mix!

Ooey gooey rich in chocolate and 50% less sugar this quick single serve hack will satisfy your chocolate cravings. 

If the cream egg is too much it's equally delish without!

1/3 cup HelloAmino Brownie mix
1 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp milk of choice
2 tsp HelloAmino Cocoa mix (for extra chocolate)
1 egg white
1 Cadbury Cream Egg

Mix everything together except the cream egg and pour half into a large greased ramekin. Pour the other half over the cream egg and bake in the air fryer at 350 for 10-11 minutes. Let rest 2-4 minutes before enjoying.

455 calories 37g protein 62g carbs 7g fat
without the cream egg 305 calories 35g P 38g C 1g F

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